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Zone 4: Juncus geradii

A. General Information (Juncus geradii):

Black Grass (Juncus geradii) often forms a dense zone above the Spartina patens zone. Many of the same species that are found in the Spartina patens zone are also found here.

B. Description of Juncus geradii

Juncaceae, Rush Family


Juncus geradii (Black Grass)




This species has an erect, rounded stem, about 0.7 meters high. There are one, sometimes two long, round, linear leaves. Flowers are formed toward the stem tip on a branched inflorescence (Reproductive Spike). The fruit is a rounded, dark capsule.

C. Plants Associated with Juncus geradii*


* Many if not most of the plants found in the Spartina patens zone are also found here

Poaceae (Grass Family)


Hordeum jubatum ( Squirrel-tail or Foxtail Barley)



Foxtail Barley, about 0.5 meters tall, has erect, smooth stems. An inflorescence (Reproductive Spike) is borne at the end of the stem. Note the long projections (Awns) extending from this grass.


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