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Selected Photographs from each of the Salt Marsh Zones


Photographs are arranged in the same order that they appear in their respective zones 


Mudflats (Zone 1) 


1. Halichondria panicea (Breadcrumb Sponge) (Porifera)



2. Metridium senile (Sea Anemone) (Cnidaria)



3. Nereis succinea (Common Clam Worm) (Annelida)




4. Glycera spp. (Blood Worm) (Annelida)



5. Nereis virens (Clam Worm) (Annelida)




6. Crepidula fornicata (Common Slipper Shell) (Mollusca)



7. Nassarius obsoletus (Mud Snail) (Mollusca)



8. Littorina littorea (Periwinkle) (Mollusca)



9. Melampus bidentatus (Common Marsh Snail) (Mollusca)



10. Nucella lapillus (Dogwhelk) (Mollusca)




11. Mya arenaria (Soft-shelled Clam) (Mollusca)




12. Mytilus edulis (Blue Mussel) (Mollusca)




13. Ostrea edulis (Oyster) (Mollusca)




14. Limulus polyphemous (Horseshoe Crab) (Arthropoda)



15. Amphipod Crustacean (Arthropoda)



16. Cancer irroratus (Rock Crab) (Arthropoda)



17. Carcinus maenas (Green Crab) (Arthropoda)



18. Crangon septemspinosus (Sand Shrimp) (Arthropoda)



 19. Mysid Shrimp (Arthropoda)



20. Paguris longicarpus (Long-armed Hermit Crab) (Arthropoda)




21. Isopod Crustacean (Arthropoda)



22. Semibalanus balanoides (Common Rock Barnacle) (Arthropoda)



23. Water Boatman (Adult Hemipteran) (Arthropoda)



24. Waterstrider (Adult Hemipteran) (Arthropoda)



25. Chaetomorpha spp. (Green Alga) (Chlorophyta)





26. Cladophora spp. (Green Alga) (Chlorophyta)



27. Enteromorpha spp. (Green Alga) (Chlorophyta)



28. Ulva lactuca (Sea Lettuce) (Green Alga) (Chlorophyta)



29. Zostera maritima (Eel Grass) (Zosteraceae)




Spartina alterniflora (Zone 2) 



1. Spartina alterniflora (Cord Grass) (Poaceae)




2. Littorina saxatilis (Rough Periwinkle) (Mollusca)




3. Modiolus demissus (Ribbed Mussel) (Mollusca)




4. Ascophyllum nodosum (Knotted Wrack) (Brown Alga)



5. Fucus vesiculosis (Brown Alga) (Rock Weed)



6. Salicornia maritima (Glasswort) (Chenopodiaceae)





7. Sueda linearis (Erect Sea Blite) (Chenopodiaceae)





Spartina patens (Zone 3)


1. Spartina patens (Salt Meadow Cordgrass) (Poaceae)





2. Distichlis spicata (Spike Grass) (Poaceae)



3. Solidago sempervirens (Seaside Goldenrod) (Asteraceae)



4. Symphyotrichum tenuifolium (Salt Marsh Aster) (Asteraceae)



5. Glaux maritima (Sea Milkwort) (Primulaceae)




6. Atriplex patula (Common Orach) (Chenopodiaceae)



7. Salicornia maritima (Glasswort) (Chenopodiaceae)



8. Cladium mariscoides (Twig Rush) (Cyperaceae)



 9. Eleocharis parvula (Spike Rush) (Cyperaceae)



10. Schoenoplectus (Scirpus robustus) (Salt Marsh Bulrush) (Cyperaceae)




11. Triglochin maritima (Northern Seaside Arrowgrass) (Juncaginaceae)



12. Plantago maritima (Seaside Plantain) (Plantaginaceae)



13. Limonium carolanum (Sea Lavender or Marsh Rosemary) (Plumbaginaceae)



14. Agrostis gigantea (Red Top Grass) (Poaceae)



15. Festuca rubra (Red Fescue Grass) (Poaceae)



16. Hierochloe odorata (Vanilla or  Sweet Grass) (Poaceae)



17. Hordeum jubatum (Fox-tail Barley) (Poaceae)



18. Argentina anserina (Silverweed) (Rosaceae)



Juncus geradii (Black Grass) (Zone 4)


1. Juncus geradii (Juncaceae)



2. Hordeum jubatum (Foxtail Barley) (Poaceae)



Upper Marsh (Zone 5)


 1. Solidago sempervirens (Seaside Goldenrod) (Asteraceae)




2. Schoenoplectus pungens (Sharp Pointed Three Square) (Cyperaceae)



3. Schoenoplectus robustus (Salt Marsh Bulrush) (Cyperaceae)



4. Carex paleaceae (Chaffey Sedge) (Cyperaceae)



5. Vaccinium macrocarpon (American Cranberry) (Ericaceae)



6. Juncus arcticus (Baltic Rush) (Juncaceae)



7. Phragmites australis (Common Reed Grass) (Poaceae)



8. Spartina pectinata (Freshwater Cordgrass) (Poaceae)



9. Typha angustifolia (Narrowleaf Cattail) (Typhaceae)



10. Toxicodendron radicans (Poison Ivy) (Anacardiaceae)



11. Symphyotrichum tennufolium (Salt Marsh Aster) (Asteraceae)



12. Carex hormathodes (Marsh Straw Sedge) (Cyperaceae)



13. Carex crinita (Sedge) (Cyperaceae)



14. Myrica pensylvanica (Northern Bayberry) (Myricaceae)




15. Calamagrostis spp. (Reed Bent Grass) (Poaceae)



16. Elymus repens (Quack Grass) (Poaceae)



17. Elymus virginicus (Virginia Rye Grass) (Poaceae)



18. Hierochloe odorata (Vanilla or Wheat Grass) (Poaceae)



19. Panicum virgatum (Red Switch Grass) (Poaceae)



20. Thinopyrum pycnanthum (Wheat Grass) (Poaceae)



21. Spiraea alba (Meadow-sweet) (Rosaceae)




Marsh Border (Landward Edge) (Zone 6) 


1. Osmunda cinnemomea (Cinnamon Fern) (Osmundaceae)



2. Rhus typhina (Staghorn Sumac) (Anacardiaceae)



3. Ilex verticillata (Winterberry) (Aquifoliaceae)



4. Asclepias incarnata (Swamp Milkweed) (Asclepiadaceae)



5. Centaurea spp. (Star Thistle) (Asteraceae)




6. Doellingeria umbellata (White, Flat-topped Aster) (Asteraceae)



7. Sonchus arvensis (Spiny-leaved Soe Thistle) (Asteraceae)



8. Impatiens capensis (Jewel Weed) (Balsaminaceae)



9. Berberis vulgaris (Common Barberry) (Berberidaceae)



10. Viburnum dentatum (Arrowwood) (Caprifoliaceae)



11. Celastrus scandens (Climbing Bittersweet) (Celastraceae)



12. Calystegia sepium (Wild Morning Glory) (Convolvulaceae)



13. Cuscuta gronovii (Common Dodder) (Convolvulaceae)




14. Cornus alterniflora (Aternate Leaved Dogwood) (Cornaceae)



15. Apios americana (Groundnut) (Fabaceae)




16. Lathyrus japonica (Beach Pea) (Fabaceae)




17. Lythrum salicaria (Purple Loosestreif) (Lythraceae)



18. Comptonia peregrina ((Sweet Fern) (Myricaceae)



19. Myrica gale (Sweet Gale) (Myricaceae)



20. Myrica pensylvanica (Northern Bayberry) (Myricaceae)



21. Aronia melanocarpa (Black Chokeberry)  (Rosaceae)



22. Rosa pallustris (Swamp Rose)  (Rosaceae)



23. Rubus spp. (Red Raspberry)  (Rosaceae)




24. Spiraea alba (Meadow-sweet) (Rosaceae)



25. Solanum dulcamara (Bittersweet Nightshade) (Solanaceae)





Salt Marsh Pannes and Pools 



1. Atriplex patula (Marsh Orach) (Chenopodaceae)




2. Salicornia maritima (Glasswort) (Chenopodaceae)



3. Sueda linearis (Erect Sea Blite) (Chenopodaceae)



4. Spergularia salina (Salt Marsh Sand Spurrey) (Caryophyllaceae)



5. Eleocharis parvula (Spike Rush) (Cyperaceae)



6. Spartina alterniflora (Saltwater Cordgrass) (Poaceae)




7. Glaux maritima (Sea Milkwort) (Primulaceae)



8. Typha angustifolia (Narrow Leaf Cattail) (Typhaceae)



9. Enteromorpha spp. (Green Alga) (Chlorophyta)



10. Chaetomorpha spp. (Green Alga) (Chlorophyta)



11. Cladophora spp. (Green Alga) (Chlorophyta)



12. Ulothrix spp. (Green Alga) (Chlorophyta)




13. Diatoms (Chrysophyta)



14. Purple Photosynthetic Bacteria



15. Calothrix spp. (Bluegreen Bacteria) X430



16. Lyngbea spp. (Bluegreen Bacteria) (430X)



17. Spider (Arthropoda)



18. Amphipod Crustacean (Arthropoda)



19. Anurida maritima (Springtail) (Arthropoda)



20. Dragonfly Adult (Odonata) (Arthropoda)



21. Damsel Fly Adult (Odonata) (Arthropoda)



22. Tabanus nigrovittatus Adult (Green Head) (Diptera) (Arthropoda)



23. Mosquito Adult and Larva (Diptera) (Arthropoda)




24. Water Boatman (Hemiptera) (Arthropoda)



25. Water Strider (Hemiptera) (Arthropoda)



26. Water Scavenger Beetle Larva (Coleoptera) (Arthropoda)



27. Fundulus heteroclitus (Mummichog) (Pices)



 28. Ruppia maritima (Widgeon Grass) (Potamogetonaceae)




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  1. Dear team, is it possible to USE some of your pictures of “Nereis virens” for a small kind of publication in my universities student group?? nothing public, only within that group???
    greetz from germany

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